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Oasis After School Club

Oasis is for children aged 3-11 years old. we run from 3:10pm - 5:45 pm all though you can choose to collect at different times.  We charge £7 for the first session 3:10 to 4:30pm or £11 for the whole evening. 

At oasis we run from two separate rooms KS1 and nursery run from the nursery building and KS2 runs from the oasis building. we then come together to go outside. 

During oasis we provide a cold or warm snack with a variety of options and plenty of toys and activities to play with, we also have access to the nursery garden and we have a designated area on the school field which we can use in the warmer lighter months. 


Our team consists of seven people Mr Ian Saunders being the Owner, Mrs Angela Harris the Manager, Donna Axford Deputy Manger, Amber Saunders Deputy Manager, Amy, Siby and Keylighe. We vary the rooms we go in so we get to work with all children and become a familiar and comfortable face for all the children. 

More information can be found below on additional documents:


Enrolment forms

Terms and conditions

Data protection (GPDR)

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