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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if my child doesn’t settle at nursery?

We have several options in this situation:-


1. Allow the child to have a shorter session initially and then leave happy. Gradually increase the session, normally within a couple of weeks the child is settled and completes the full three hours.

2. Ask the child to bring in a comfort/favourite toy or photos for our family wall – these can be family photos or photos of their favourite animal in fact anything that makes them smile. 

3. If your child loves the outside we could begin their session outdoors and then gradually go inside – a nursery can be a busy place and we need to work up to all that fun!

Do we accept vouchers as payment?

We are also pleased to accept childcare vouchers, at present we accept Accor/Edenred, SodexHo, Care 4 and Busy Bees. If you are in receipt of vouchers from other companies please speak to the administrator.  

What happens if my child hurts another child or is hurt by another child?

We don’t demand that the child says sorry for causing another child’s hurt but we do encourage them to think about how they have made someone else feel and whether they could say something to the other child or do something for them – we would at this point suggest a sorry or a cuddle or get them their favourite toy and do something nice for them

WE DO NOT USE THE NAUGHTY STEP we may ask the child to sit next to us whilst they think about what has happened – they will not be isolated.

We would settle the child that is injured and fill in the accident book and then the incident book for the child did the act. 

What happens if my child falls over at nursery?

We would check where the child was hurt and deal with the injury. If we are worried then our first priority after the checking of your child would be to ring you. The accident book would be used to detail the accident.


All permanent staff members have current first aid certificates and new members of staff are put on courses when there are some locally.


If my child says that someone is not being kind to them what do I do?

You can speak to any member of staff but I would advise going to your key worker or the Manager/ Deputy Manager. Please speak to us about any concerns it is our job to make you feel comfortable in your choice of care for your child and this is something we take seriously.


What if my child attends another setting?

We would very much like to work with your child’s other setting, with your permission, we send a letter to that setting asking if they would like to visit us and whether we could visit them. If gives both settings an opportunity to work together.

My child is not being understood very well, I am worried they may have a speech problem?

Do not panic please speak to your key worker or the settings SENCO, we have a referral system and we will make an initial assessment and then ask for speech therapy advice. There is the option to attend a workshop with the speech therapy service or have a course of speech therapy sessions. The waiting list can be long for this service so as a nursery we would rather act quickly to get their expert assistance as quickly as possible.


My child has an upset tummy can he/she come in?

Unfortunately due to infection control we cannot have your child at nursery until they have not been sick or had diarrhoea for two days.


My child has chicken pox when can they come back?

Government guidelines state that chicken pox is not contagious when all the spots have crusted over. This can happen between one week and ten days.


What happens if I am running late?

If you are running late and have a friend that could collect your child then please ring the nursery and let them know. We will ask for a code word if they are not known to us. It also gives us the opportunity to inform your child of the change.



What happens if the fire alarm goes off during the session?

Throughout the term we will carry out numerous drills. Our procedure is as follows

* Clear the building, checking the toilets and all areas

* Staff will collect the register/address box/phone

* Children will assemble at the rear of the garden where they will be registered and counted

* We will then make our way to the main field to assemble with the rest of the school.

* Every drill is logged and timed.


Can I come in and help at nursery?

We welcome any parental help at nursery and please feel free to let us know when you would like to come in.

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